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In many industries a company’s ability to change is becoming its license to operate. New technology, new distribution channels, off-shoring, changes in buyer behavior – just to name a few things – impact your business at multiple levels. Frequent and significant changes are required for you to grow and prosper for the long haul.

Soundview Consulting Group can help you execute changes successfully by:

• Focusing on change initiatives that are fully aligned with the company’s vision and strategy
• Ensuring that employees and managers are engaged, committed and ready for change
• Aligning company culture with change initiatives
• Making changes sustainable


Selecting the right change initiatives

Many companies initiate more projects than they can execute, thereby slowing down changes and losing potential benefits. Soundview can help you assess your execution capacity and im-plement consistent prioritization mechanisms, ensuring that you execute the right change initia-tives in the right order of priority.


Preparation for change

For a change project to succeed, you need to prepare your or-ganization. The employees need to know what will happen and why, and they need to buy into it. Soundview assist you in commu-nicating change initiatives effi-ciently, engaging your managers and employees, and working with company culture so it ends up supporting changes instead of working against them.



Competence building

Building the right competencies in the organization is a pre-requisite for changes to become successful. Often training needs go well beyond the classroom. How to train and how much to invest in training will depend on the nature of the change and the people you need to train. Soundview can help you set up the right suite of training acti-vities and coach your trainers to ensure the best possible out-come of their efforts.



Change sustainability

Often changes evaporate shortly after deployment. In the short term companies miss out on the benefits of the change. In the long term it impacts company culture and makes any change more diffi-cult to execute. Soundview can help you design and implement structures and processes that will maintain focus on changes until they have become the new normal.


Change serial killer #5: Insufficient emphasis on change sustainability

The change has been rolled out. Employees have been trained, the project team is dissolved, and you are ready to harvest the benefits of a successful change project. After a short while you realize that adoption of the change doesn’t proceed as planned. New systems...
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Change serial killer #4: Lack of training

It goes without saying that training is required if you want employees to perform well after a change has been rolled out. Very few will argue against this, but still I have often seen training becoming the weak link in a change process. Why is this? Initially,...
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Change serial killer #3: Ignoring company culture

Looking at company culture in a change management perspective, the most critical periods are around the time when a change is announced and when it is rolled out. Let’s first look at the time around the announcement. “We have tried that before.” “Don’t worry, it’ll...
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Change serial killer #2: Inadequate preparation

Many of us know the scenario: Executive management has considered a change initiative. The business consequences of the change have been twisted and turned, and now management is ready to push the button. Employees are invited to an executive presentation. The CEO...
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Change serial killer #1: Too many projects

Fueled by market opportunities, new technology, competition, etc. many companies initiate more projects than they are able to execute. And execution power is more than a matter of having enough project managers and business process experts to staff a number of project...
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Five ways to kill change

Why address change management? Others have done it before, and it’s not rocket science. Well, there is one good reason: Change projects keep failing. Most of us have probably been there. An important change has been announced. The CEO has been on the podium and...
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The necessity of change management

Imagine that you are on an escalator going down. If you stand still you’ll move down with the escalator. If you want to maintain your position, you need to move. And if you want to get up the escalator you need to put in a substantial effort. This goes for most...
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About us

Peter Sørensen, Partner

For more than 25 years, Peter has served in management capacities, primarily within business development and organizational development. Based in New York for 7+years, Peter was in charge of starting up the North American activities of Danish software firm, SimCorp. Subsequently he served as SimCorp’s CIO for four years, turning a traditional IT department into an agile and business focused entity. At Unibank (now Nordea), Peter anchored several strategic change initiatives, most notably the outline and implementation of a global cash management strategy that distanced the bank from its local competition.

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